Drew Baldridge
Drew Baldridge
NRA Country is honored to announce Cold River Records recording artist Drew Baldridge as the Featured Artist of the Month for October.

The Illinois native embodies NRA Country, from growing up working on his family farm to bonfire parties with friends on Saturday night and savoring family dinners after church every Sunday. He’s currently one of the most talked about new artists in Nashville, and his debut album comes straight from his heart to yours. His single, "Dance With Ya," rocketed him into the spotlight, while other tracks including "Tractors Don't Roll" and "Town the World Forgot" evoke vivid lyrical imagery of simpler times. Baldridge took a few moments from his busy schedule to answer questions from NRA Country's Vanessa Shahidi. Be sure to check out his album, "Dirt On Us," available now.

Drew Baldridge
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Exclusive Q&A with Drew Baldridge

VS: If you had a week off and could get to spend it in mother nature, how would you spend that time?

DB: If I could get a week off, I'd take off during shotgun season in Southern Illinois. I'm originally from a really small town in Southern Illinois called Patoka. It's a town of about 580 people. I grew up deer hunting every shotgun season there. All my cousins and friends get together and have a big deer camp. We sit around and tell stories of the past and shoot the breeze. It's probably one of my favorite times of the year.

VS: Favorite hunt or outdoor memory of the past year?

DB: My favorite outdoor memory of the last year is when I got to go home to Southern Illinois for a couple days in April. It rained so much that the lake flooded out, so me and my brother went and set trout lines. We ended up catching some nice size bluecats and flatheads. We fried em up and had us a big fish fry. My grandpa came down to the house and ate with us outside on the deck. He was the man that taught me and my brother how to set trout lines. I have so many memories of being on the water with him. Not only did we catch a lot of fish, but we got to take my nephew with us and spend time together out on the water. Being out on the road so much has really made me appreciate the times that I get to be outside with family.

VS: Was there anyone particular who taught you about or shared their love of the outdoors with you growing up?

DB: The person that really shared the love of outdoors with me while growing up was my buddy Nick. Him and his dad were the first ones to ever take me dove hunting. We all killed our limit that day and I still have the memory of grilling em up with bacon and barbecue sauce. Haha! We've shared many deer hunts together. Seen each other kill lots of deer and have many stories. We went mushroom hunting, four-wheeler riding, fishing, and helped each other site our guns and bows in. I couldn't have asked for a better friend growing up. When I go back home to my small town he's the first one I call and we try to get together.

VS: What can we expect from your new album/upcoming project?

DB: I'm really excited about my new project! We have a really cool new sound that I've been working on. I grew up listening to country artists like Brooks and Dunn, Josh Turner, and Trace Adkins but I also had a love for Michael Jackson and Earth Wind and Fire. I have found out I love music that grooves. On this project we are gonna have a little bit of all of that. One of my favorite songs on this project is a song called Guns & Roses. The song is about how me and my girlfriend are different but totally fit together. I'm a country bumpkin (the 12 gauge) and she's a beautiful innocent soul (the rose). I'm super excited for everyone to hear this album that is gonna have country music and country lyric infused with a little groove.

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